Achieve Financial Health

Every decision a business owner makes impacts the bottom line. By creating full financial transparency into your business, My Small Business Pro helps create full financial transparency, so you can make those decisions accurately and with confidence.

financial health

What is Financial Transparency?

It means you have total control of your business finances. My Small Business Pro aligns your income and expenses so that they’re 100% accounted for and organized. Our team works with QuickBooks to build a solid foundation that’s simple to operate; we work with you to determine which version best fits your business.

Reality-Based Decisions

When you’re fully aware of your business’s current financial status, you’re able to make decisions without guessing what do to next. Understanding the story your numbers tell empowers you to make better choices to help grow your business.

Financial Inventory and Organization

Every small business has a big list of financial responsibilities—paying bills, covering payroll, reconciling accounts, and more. The services My Small Business Pro team delivers empowers you to be proactive, accurate and on time with your financial needs.

Financial inventory

Our comprehensive accounting review of bank accounts, credit cards, and other business expenses crafts a baseline view of your current status.

QuickBooks review/set-up

Whether your system requires a simple cleanup or complete overhaul, our services lead to a system that makes tracking income and expenses, and preparing for taxes easy to manage and free of headaches.

History entry

We go back to January 1st to ensure all appropriate financial transactions are accounted for throughout the year.

Expense/revenue tracking

A comprehensive view of your current income and expenses giving you an accurate picture of your financial basics.

CPA preparation/intermediary

We help manage tax-related expenses and income events, so the IRS never catches you off guard.

Additional services offered

  • Payroll management
  • Accounts payable/vendor management
  • Customer invoicing/collections
  • Full-cycle accounting
QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor - QuickBooks Online Certification

life-ring2Accounting Support
– extra help when you need it most.  We assist CPAs, CFOs, and other financial managers with Full-Cycle Accounting overflow.

Know Your Financial Health

My Small Business Pro delivers a current financial snapshot of your operation, enabling you to make reality-based decisions so you can manage and grow your business.

Financial Reporting

Our process streamlines your financial reporting –such as profit/loss statements – so you’re ready to show any bank or investor your complete financial profile upon request.

Process Improvement

By examining expense, income, and financial reports, My Small Business Pro pinpoints opportunities for efficiency improvement, and boosts your capability to make informed decisions to elevate cash flow and profitability.

Business Recommendations

We will share best practices and business improvement ideas designed to take your business to the next level.

Ongoing Support

Our team is available for whatever level of support you need, from bookkeeping to full financial management.


My Small Business Pro will move you from financial confusion and chaos to financial transparency and order.

Business Philosophy

I’ve worked with brilliant business owners, you know the ones, that are genius at turning their ideas into money, creating and selling amazing products, and building strong customer loyalty. However, I find these to be the same professionals who often struggle with the nuts and bolts of payroll, insurance, financial statements, and managing cash-flow. Without a firm grip on expenses and cash flow, not even the best business idea can flourish and become profitable.

I founded My Small Business Pro to address what I see as the growing needs of Small Business Owners, like you, to understand your finances, so you can build capital, save on expenses, collect on receivables, track cash flow and otherwise master your money.

We’ll help you SEE what’s actually happening with your finances so that you are empowered to make better decisions to grow your business.

Daliah Fritz

Owner My Small Business Pro

daliah-head-shotDaliah Fritz – Bio

I’ve spent over a decade working in finance, sales, operations, and inventory management helping small businesses cope with their day-to-day worries. Every day I witnessed these businesses losing money unnecessarily – primarily through poor management of financial basics.

Deep experience in business finance helped me build the knowledge and insight to create systems and processes that enable owners like you to spend more time on their business, and less time in their business. Achieving full financial transparency makes it possible.

Each and every day, I wake up motivated to get clients organized and whip their businesses into financial shape.

Your Business is Our Business

My Small Business Pro holds the knowledge, experience and dedication required to help business owners streamline their finances and achieve full financial transparency. We specialize in the unique needs of small businesses looking to grow their operations and increase profitability. We work closely with each client to provide services tailored to both their unique needs and future goals. Our clients are willing to address the day-to-day financial needs of a professionally run organization.

Our typical client fits the following profile:

  • Business owners with revenue up to $15 million
  • Entrepreneurs who want to feel more in control of their finances
  • Start-ups who want to “get it right” from the beginning
  • Businesses with 1 to 20 employees
  • Interested in achieving growth, rather than maintaining the status quo

If that fits your business, then My Small Business Pro is a fit for you. Get in touch with our advisors and learn how we can empower you to get a handle on your financial health today.

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