Business Philosophy

I’ve worked with brilliant business owners, you know the ones, that are genius at turning their ideas into money, creating and selling amazing products, and building strong customer loyalty. However, I find these to be the same professionals who often struggle with the nuts and bolts of payroll, insurance, financial statements, and managing cash-flow. Without a firm grip on expenses and cash flow, not even the best business idea can flourish and become profitable.

I founded My Small Business Pro to address what I see as the growing needs of Small Business Owners, like you, to understand your finances, so you can build capital, save on expenses, collect on receivables, track cash flow and otherwise master your money.

We’ll help you SEE what’s actually happening with your finances so that you are empowered to make better decisions to grow your business.

Daliah Fritz

Owner My Small Business Pro

daliah-head-shotDaliah Fritz – Bio

I’ve spent over a decade working in finance, sales, operations, and inventory management helping small businesses cope with their day-to-day worries. Every day I witnessed these businesses losing money unnecessarily – primarily through poor management of financial basics.

Deep experience in business finance helped me build the knowledge and insight to create systems and processes that enable owners like you to spend more time on their business, and less time in their business. Achieving full financial transparency makes it possible.

Each and every day, I wake up motivated to get clients organized and whip their businesses into financial shape.

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