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Be empowered by your numbers.
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Financial Transparency

Understand what is happening with every dollar so it is clear how to move forward with your money.

Decision-making Power

Gain the knowledge you need so you can make confident decisions, without guesswork.

Relationship-based Service

We approach your business as if it were our own. Lasting partnerships with our clients are the cornerstone of our success.

Meet the Owner

As owner of My Small Business Pro, I focus on one thing: helping clients whip their organizations into strong financial shape. After years building experience in finance, sales, operations and inventory management, I’ve seen businesses lose money through poor financial management, and it is my mission to help them turn it around so they can worry less about money and concentrate on building their business.

Daliah Fritz
Owner / Small Business Financial Expert

Discover the power of your numbers.

Decisions you make as a small business owner impact your bottom line. My Small Business Pro’s accounting and consulting services and expertise provide you with the business intelligence you need to make decisions. Get a clear picture of the financial state of your operation. Feel empowered to handle those crucial decisions accurately and with confidence.

Financial Reporting

We keep you informed and empowered with financial reports.

Spend less time worrying about your business, more time doing business.

Get To Know Us

Get to Know Us!

 Learn what fuels our passion for numbers.

Relationship Based Service

Our Best Clients

 We build relationships, not just businesses.

Decision Maker

Specialized Services

We offer specialized services to fit your unique business.

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