Small business accounting firms like My Small Business Pro work a broad range of organizations improve their financial health. One of the unique companies we’re lucky to call a client is SpeedPro Imaging Chicago Loop.

SpeedPro Imaging is a large-format printing specialist led by Rebecca Considine and her partner Eric Lazar. The company helps its small-business clients make big statements, in the form of floor and wall murals, posters, banners, event and tradeshow signage, vehicle wraps and other eye-popping, full-color graphic displays. Earlier this year, SpeedPro Imaging hired MSBP; in a relatively short time, together we were able to streamline their financial processes and increase their chances of success.

Recently we had a chat with Considine about SpeedPro’s mission and what sets them apart from the rest of the large-format field.

Please tell me a little bit about your organization.

Rebecca Considine, SpeedPro Imaging South Loop

We distinguish ourselves from the competition through a commitment to delivering innovative ideas, product excellence and superior customer service.  Our approach incorporates a holistic 360-perspective of the business and an evaluation of the real estate available for use to most effectively communicate brand and voice.  We are not just another printer, but a true marketing solutions partner. Most importantly, we are a veteran- owned and -operated business donating 1% of all profits to charity.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Helping others get their brand noticed with the unmistakable force of large format graphics.

What were some of your biggest obstacles in getting your company off the ground?

Finding that perfect team and culture that makes a strong foundation for rapid growth.

Let’s talk about life before MSBP’s small business accounting help—what was your financial situation, and what were some of your finance-related challenges?

Sales is in our DNA, so we were highly focused on top-line revenue, sales, and client service.  Working the business finances is a task we deemed very important, but we needed some guidance navigating.

How did you come to be in contact with MSBP? Please tell us a little bit about your relationship with that company early on.

Daliah is great at using her clients’ stories to explain the value she brings to organizations. Through our time at BNI (Business Networking International) I heard many of her clients’ stories, and many resonated with me. Our decision to bring her in really changed the trajectory of the business. We felt confident that as a result, time would be best spent doing the things we are strongest at, and the peace of mind she creates.

How has the small business accounting expertise of MSBP helped you since you started working together? What specific challenges or problems have they helped you tackle? 

Daliah has helped in consolidating our chart of accounts, getting our 2017 bookkeeping in order, consulting on business decisions, and we’ve used the streamlined data she helped create to make reality-based financial decisions.   We had significant challenges with our production and operations software and its sync to QuickBooks. Daliah was able to work us through best practices.

What are your business’s goals for the future (both short- and long-term)?  

Our primary goal over the next six to 12 months is our daily mission, and that won’t change—in essence, we simply want to provide exceptional products and superior service while always making certain to positively impact the clients we work with and the people we touch in the course of doing business. From that, we are confident we will exceed revenue growth plans.

What would you say to a small business professional who hasn’t yet engaged with a financial services outfit like MSBP?

You will not regret it one bit. MSBP is the tool that will help change the trajectory of your business.

MSBP is happy to help SpeedPro boost their business—and we can help you, too. Reach out to me at and we’ll get the ball rolling.