At My Small Business Pro we ensure secure business practices to protect the safety and security of our clients’ information and finances. This has always been a top priority for us. This is a topic I take very seriously and do not approach lightly.

While it’s important not to be mired in fear, every moment, that if you make one wrong move, someone will empty your bank account, it IS important to be prudent and take necessary precautions. We take a lot of them here and wanted to share.Below are the steps we take at My Small Business Pro to ensure the security of our clients information.


Secure Business Practices

First, we have the utmost standards when it comes to our clients’ passwords. We enable 2-factor authentication for all email and client files. We utilize LastPass Password manager with encryption to safeguard your data and all of our computers are password protected.

We maintain Enterprise Level IT Security through our IT provider Chat Tech Solutions. This level of IT security provides daily virus database updates, regular scans to ensure our devices are malware-free, scans all files when they are downloaded or opened, and URL filtering to block known malware sites from being loaded. It also maintains backups of files in cloud storage for any recovery needed. This cloud-based storage data center security is HIPPA compliant and all files are transmitted and stored with encryption. Software updates are regularly applied to our computers to maintain a high level of Exploit/Malware protection.

We follow secure office practices to ensure your data is secure. This includes a secure internet router for our office, professional liability and employee dishonesty coverage, and reminders of client confidentiality. All employees sign legally enforceable employee contracts with related client confidentiality clauses and have completed thorough background checks.

Cyber security is a changing industry. Every day, internet criminals get more advanced. In order to protect your data as much as possible, we stay on top of the newest prevention technology. Your data is safe with us.