Despite a job market full of unique challenges, My Small Business Pro was incredibly fortunate to bring on a new team member last year, Eileen Manaloto. Like many small businesses, we got creative in finding the right resource to support our amazing clients and fit into our culture. Lucky for us, we collaborated with our now offshore partner TOA, a recruiting company specializing in the accounting industry. The process is never easy, but our efforts were generously rewarded as we onboarded Eileen in the summer of 2021. Since then, she has been instrumental in our continued growth and sharing our values.  

Diligently working the nightshift to accommodate a CST zone business day, Eileen has been a valuable collaborator, sharing her exquisite attention to detail with clients and tearing through financial reports. Let’s take a moment to get to know this team member a little better.  

Here are some of the highlights from our conversation with Eileen: 

Why do you like accounting?  

Originally destined to be a civil engineer thanks to a thriving family business, it took just one accounting course in college for me to shift my focus. Originally I took it so I could share a class with friends, but then I began to really get into it. I immediately took to the methodical processes and found interest in the analytical side of accounting. 

Creating a system that considers process, business needs and even more factors is like a puzzle that keeps growing. As much as accounting may appear like a one-time event, I find joy in seeing the effects and impacts it has across the whole business. 

What are your favorite parts of working for My Small Business Pro?  

The focus on processes and systems brings opportunities and fun challenges to my day. Using robust tools like QuickBooks Online allows me to move from manual to automated processes that ultimately make the job easier. This means I get to spend more time on analysis.  

This company is also different from other industries I worked in, like banking, because I get to see the application of my work and engage directly with the clients’ businesses.  

How do you make your clients’ business, your business?  

It’s so important when working with details to truly understand the industry. I love learning about different transactions that may appear the same, but have very different impacts from one client to the next. Memorizing these critical details makes me feel closer to our clients and deeply entrenched in their processes. 

The work I do is important and often has urgent impacts. I love knowing that the work I do is important for business owners making big and small decisions.  

What is a favorite accounting experience? 

I used to do a lot of work managing external audits. It was a great experience in developing new skills and optimizing process improvement.  

I love finding new ways to be more efficient within the framework of a current system. Ensuring best accounting practices are being met is always first, but making sure it aligns with the business’s approach and needs makes it work for everyone.  

What is your favorite technology tool? 

I really enjoy using because it makes my clients’ lives so much easier. It offers a systematic and timely way to manage your finances, providing ample time to pull funds, and allows you to strategize how to manage your cash.  

Cash flow is so important and is often the first line of defense.  

What do you do when you are not at work? 

I’m all about relaxing on the couch with a great show on Netflix. Friends reruns are my favorites as they are so funny and enjoyable. Joey is my favorite Friend, I love how funny he is. Other shows at the top of my list are Harry Potter and Korean dramas.  

I also spend a lot of time with my family and brother. We are very close.  

What is it like working for a US company? 

It can be a hard adjustment at first. Changing my hours and time zones was a bit difficult, but it actually gives me more time for myself. All the stores are open when I am going to work and it gives me a balance of personal and work times. I also enjoy having more time with my family in the morning! 

Culturally, I love the directness and ability to be straightforward. When something is incorrect it is able to be addressed easily. When I manage people in the Philippines, whenever there is something wrong you feel so bad and you don’t want them to feel upset, so you need to tiptoe around issues. But with US companies, it is much more important to accept and be strong so you are able to focus on getting it right and results.  

Our partnership with TOA  has been so successful we have just engaged them to hire an additional employee to support our growth, and our clients. If you are a business owner looking for a smart and passionate team to provide insightful financial services to your company, reach out today. Our team of professionals, including Eileen, will ensure you have the business insights you need to make informed decisions.