I have been looking for the right fit for a long time – it seems like forever – and I am so glad that he’s here!  As every small business owner knows, hiring can be one of the biggest challenges of daily operations.  Not only does the role itself need to be defined, but the candidate also needs to fit well with the business needs and culture.  Enter Dan Washelesky, our new Director of Operations and Administration.

Sure, it would have been great to have found someone on my own who just met my criteria.  As our friends at Satiated Artists would have it, though, their strategic hiring process (you can read about the Kolbe test they use here) delivered a guy who could run circles around my expectations. 

What Makes Dan so Awesome?

Everything.  But I can drill down on three specific attributes that have the most impact on MSBP clients and the growth of our business.

Dan the Master Planner.  Dan began his professional career several years ago, joining The Passage Theatre in Chicago as Executive Director.  In this role, where he still serves, Dan cultivated the ability to see the “big picture” and to develop streamlined processes to achieve goals and objectives.  Dan is a professional theatre artist, a director and a dramaturg.  He is well-equipped to manage every detail of a complex scenario with ease – exactly what we need to run our operations!

Dan the Expert Communicator.  Dan works directly with clients, who already love him.  His background in theatre leadership makes him a tremendously effective communicator.  He draws upon his experience working as an assistant to a virtual CFO and his time here at MSBP to provide recommendations and solutions to clients.  Sure, he’s a great listener – but he’s also a fantastic problem-solver and communicator.  He does a great job communicating with clients on my behalf…probably better than I do on my own!

Dan the Innovative Thinker.  Dan has embarked on an internal campaign to improve our own processes as well as those of our clients, to ensure that every piece of software and online integration works well together.  He is currently creating our onboarding, training and employee development program – I can’t wait to see how quickly our new hires get settled, thanks to his new plan.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the flow of ideas that come from Dan’s unique perspective.

Suffice it to say, Dan’s background in the arts and in arts administration give him the tools to effectively talk to clients, connect all the dots to initiate and complete a project, and creatively imagine new directions for the business to go in.  I’m so delighted by the significant impact Dan has been able to make at MSBP in such a short amount of time.

What Does Dan Have to Say about it?

Dan’s role makes him integral to the daily operations of MSBP.  Our team is small-but-mighty, and we wanted to dedicate a few moments to hear from Dan. I had to ask: what does he like best, so far?

  1. Working through – and solving – client puzzles. Together we identify, gather, and assemble the various puzzle pieces to develop a functional system that creates efficiency for the client. 
  2. Collaboration happens every day. After a year of remote work due to the pandemic, it is refreshing to be in the office and brainstorming as a team.
  3. Opportunity to grow. Whether getting QuickBooks-certified, working with clients on their reporting or creating a new sales process, Dan is the kind of guy who has to be learning something all the time.

I am thrilled that Dan is on board with our mission to help business owners worry less about money and concentrate on building their business.

The Dan Facts

Dan grew up in Chicago and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Drama and English Literature and his M.A. in Theatre and Performance Studies from Washington University in St. Louis.  Throughout high school, he was a member of the Latin Club and a competitor in the National Junior Classical League’s Certamen contests.  Dan is a dog-dad to a thirteen year old pug named Butters.


If you are the owner of a small business who is looking for a smart and enthusiastic team to provide outstanding financial services to your company, reach out today.  Our team of professionals, now including Dan!, will make sure you have the business intelligence you need to make informed decisions.