I founded My Small Business Pro for a reason. Each day, I’m motivated to help companies thrive through effective financial management, so they can spend less time worrying about the numbers, and more time working on their business.

I didn’t just wake up one morning and say, “I think I’ll take a giant leap from the 9-to-5 world and start my own company so I can help small business owners manage their finances.” Ahead of this journey, I worked for a variety of businesses, each highly skilled in delivering particular services or products to their customers. Where their talents routinely fell short, sadly, was in establishing a firm financial foundation on which to grow their business—and that’s where my knack for numbers and financial management really made a difference. That Management degree from Purdue University also came in handy.

Delving into their financial basics, looking for opportunities to streamline, and harnessing tools like QuickBooks provided me the insight to help these companies achieve full financial transparency. This shift enabled owners and managers to move their businesses forward, connect with investors, make smart money decisions, and actually grow instead of struggling to merely survive.

Years ago, I worked at a company best described as a leaky boat. They were afloat, but just barely. They averaged about $3 million in sales each year—a healthy figure most business owners would be pleased with, except this outfit had a major disconnect between the money they were owed from clients and they money they were collecting. There were no processes for expense management, budgeting or collecting money owed from clients. The disparity between their core business and their financial resources held them back. I helped them right the ship by engineering a system that better managed their expenses, collections, insurance, cash flow and other financial basics, taking their multi-million-dollar business from red to black.

Small business owners like you are brilliant at what they do—creating and selling desirable products and services, connecting with customers and other important day-to-day functions. It’s my mission every day to help make that possible by whipping businesses like yours into solid financial shape, so you have a clear picture of your finances and are empowered to make smarter business decisions.

Getting a handle on your finances isn’t magic, but when done right, the effects can be magical.